New Year, New Habits

Goal 1: Record more memories.

Goal 2: Get organized. …see below.

Goal 3: Say hello to the people I love more often.

Goal 4: Have a healthier relationship with technology.

Every year, the limbo between Christmas and New Year’s Day puts me in a very hopeful mood. The festivities are over. I’ve spent tons of time with people I love. And now I have a whole week where I can just focus on goals and think about moving forward. Whether I had a great year or a not-so-great year, there is something about the shift from one year to the next that, for me, helps me become centered again.

So far, I’ve purged old documents, set some key goals for myself, and developed a few systems to help streamline my life.

Here are a few of the things I put together to get my life in order and more organized. In an effort to stop relying on my phone so much, I’m reverting back to hard copies. Too many times it’s died halfway through the trip anyway. I had them laminated and got some wet erase markers so they can be reused!

Here are the PDF files of each list so you can print them, too!

Reusable Grocery Shopping List

Reusable Costco Shopping List

Reusable Cleaning Checklist

What are you doing to better yourself in the upcoming year?


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